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Power and Place:
A critical analysis of Canadian housing, economic, and social policy and its direct infulence on inqueaility and power relations within the Toronto suburb of Princess Gardens

Fall 2020
The project was born out of a critique of traditional methods of tackling inequality in cities, specifically the neighbourhood improvement area model, which focus’s interventions strictly in poorer neighbourhoods. Equality in cities is an issue of polarization, not just poverty, requiring a recalibration at of both ends of the spectrum to truly confront this issue. The project addresses this through a study and intervention into the wealthy Toronto suburb of Princess Gardens in Central Etobicoke, looking to understand the ways in which the introduction of difference and the resultant shifts in power can be addressed when creating a more equitable city. The site works with the boundary conditions and transitional spaces at the edge of adjacent neighbourhoods to remove barriers and reposition the community to address and relieve issues of inequalities that it in part has established. This is done through an understanding of the ways in which the neighbourhood can support cohesion and recognize dissensus.
Zak Jacobi, 2023, with love