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Zirvete Yolculuk

Summer 2018

In collaboration w Evan Webber (@webberswork)
Zirvete Yolculuk translates from Turkish as “the journey to the summit,” which is the guiding principle of this proposed observation platform for the peak of Nemrut Volcano in South Western Turkey. Nemrut Volcano plays a crucial role in both the physical and conceptual landscape of Turkey. The volcano is a landmark with a complex history tied to local, cultural, and a larger geological history of the region. The peak of the volcano’s rim presents the opportunity to grasp both this cultural and geological history of the site, providing views inside the volcanic crater as well as to the surrounding villages and towns. The approach to this concept has been to create an architecture that does not distract from this idiomatic duality of the cultural and physical landscape. This intervention is a suggestion of this duality, provoking the visitor’s attention to this relationship. The project looks at this conversation at a changing scale, focusing on the cultural history of the volcano in relation to the landscape as well as the geological history of the landscape itself.
Zak Jacobi, 2023, with love